Many people know that buying a home can be an excellent financial decision. But owning a home has many social benefits, too.

How owning a home benefits you and your family.

1. Health & Happiness

Homeowners generally have fewer health problems and report greater happiness than renters---even when renters have the same incomes and education levels.

2. Kids' Well-Being

Homeownership may help parents engage in positive parenting behavior with more opportunities for school involvement or participation in neighborhood activities.  And residential stability has a positive effect on reading and math performance of children between the ages of 3 and 12.

3. Community Involvement 

Homeowners get more engaged in organizations that serve their community--- like schools--- regardless of whether they live in high-value or low-value homes. Homeowners also form more relationships with neighbors they can count on for support and friendship. And homeowners are more politically and civically active.

4. Crime Prevention 

Neighborhoods with more homeowners have less property and personal crimes than neighborhoods with more renters, even when comparing areas with similar socioeconomic characteristics.

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