Want to purchase a home but don't have great credit?  Sometimes it's overwhelming and you just need a place to start.  I've created these 5 steps to help my clients just like you!

  1.  Make 100% of your payments on time.  By 100% ... I mean EVERYTHING!  Water Bill, cell phone bill, rent payment and especially STUDENT LOANS!  Proving that you can make payments on time even if it only minimums is critical to your success in increasing your Credit Score.
  2. Keep your credit card debt low.  Do not spend over 30% of your limit.  If you need to spend more than 30% ask for a limit increase to try to keep the amount you owe within these percentage guidelines.
  3. Do NOT open too many accounts.  Keep your credit simple.  Use the same accounts for an increased amount of time gives you better credit history and increases your score.
  4. Keep your accounts as long as possible, unless it has an annual fee.  Annual fees hurt your ability to pay down debt and don't really ad value for you!
  5. Check your credit annually and report any errors.  You can get your credit report for several sources.  Here is a free credit report.  Click the link below on each agency to report errors to them.
    1. Equifax
    2. Experian
    3. Transunion

After you do these steps and your credit scores is at least 580.  Contact me, so I can help you find the home of your Dreams!