As some of you know about 1/2 my business comes from sellers who have tried to sell their home with other agents but have failed to do so. I thought I would put together 7 common mistakes I see that the seller could change.

1) Ignoring minor cosmetic repairs

The first 3 things that a buyers sees are the most important. If a repair is something easy or something you are planning on doing anyway it's best to get it done before listing it. Minor things often times make buyers think that more things are hiding.

2) Failing to remove pets or pets gear during a showing

I'm an animal lover as some of you might now. Unfortunately, not everyone is. People often have fears or allergies that make this a bad idea. We want to include as many potential buyers in our pool of potential buyers. Don't eliminate these groups of people.

3) Leaving decor and personal items in place

The potential buyer has to be able to visualize themselves living there. This is more difficult if your items are the main items they see instead of the actual structure and items you will be selling like appliances.

4) Not maximizing natural light

Light is the most important thing to make sure buyers can see what they need and also makes rooms look bigger. It gives emotional warmth and clarity to your property. The other thing that I recommend if you can is making sure all lights are on when the property is shown. This is something that is standard when you are looking and multi-million dollar listings.

5) Letting emotions get in the way of the sale

This is your home so I understand that it is natural to have emotional attachments. However, once you decide to sell it those feeling need to be set aside. I tell clients that you have to think of it like a piggy bank. It's beautiful but you have to smash it to get your money out.

6) Failing to disclose problems with the property

Every buyer should get an inspector. They will find out about any issues. If they do and its something that you should have know about they will not trust you. Trust is one of the most important elements to business contract. If your home's initial contract doesn't close, you will have to explain why. This puts you in a bad position.

7) Staying home for showings

Buyers need to criticize any property they are buying it's part of the process. Most people can't do this with you present as they don't want to upset you. It's best to be gone and if they have questions they will reach out to me. After all, you pay me to assist you sell it.